Formerly New Zealand's High Commissioner to the Cook Islands and MP for the Northland Electorate of New Zealand.


Moving forward together

John Carter QSO

Hi, I'm John Carter. I'm running for re-election to the Mayoralty of the Far North District. I have worked hard and worked smart to make things better for our precious Far North. Vote for continuity, stability and progress - vote John Carter for Mayor!

Leadership by community and for community

I have always maintained that local government is successful when it is lead by the community - not the other way 'round. It is for the communities of the Far North to tell its Council what it wants, and the Council's job to facilitate the outcom. My aim as Mayor has always been to help communities in developing their plans for the future and then doing my utmost to bring that vision into reality.

Elections will be conducted, by postal vote, on Saturday 12 October 2019.

Kia ora koutou, for those who don't know me …

My name is John Carter -I am a 5th generation Northlander, descended from the Scots led to NZ by Rev. McLeod. My ancestor, Ebenezer Carter, was amongst the first Europeans to come to Mangapai, Northland. They were met by local Maori and rangatira Hona Te Horo, who carried Eb's 5-year-old son Matthew Herbert to the shore, blessed him and called him his mokopuna.

My family line would've died out there, if not for the kindness of this Chief, who ensured that seafood and wild tucker made its way into the Carter cooking pot.

I was born in Te Kopuru, Northland, in 1950. I have worked in Local Councils as an accountant for the Waitomo District Council (1972-1978) and the County Clerk and Principal Officer, Hokianga County Council (1978-1987). I served on the Hokianga Health Committee, and the local Lions, and the rugby club. I also held various executive positions in the National Party, and in 1987 I was elected to Parliament as a National Party candidate in the Bay of Islands (later, Northland) electorate.

I have worked in Opposition, and in Government. I have been the Senior Whip for my Party, Chaired Select Committees, represented the New Zealand Parliament in overseas fora, acted as a Minister of the Crown.

I was the Minister for Civil Defence from 2008-2011, a time which included the Christchurch Earthquakes. I served as Assoc. Minister of Local Government during the Auckland reforms.

I proudly represented Northland for 24 years.

When I retired from Parliament, I spent 2 years as the NZ High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, managing New Zealand's Aid budget to the Cook Islands and Consular activities, and stewarding economic development projects.

Returning to NZ I ran for the Mayoralty of the Far North District, and have served in that role since 2013. I believe my work and life experience, and the relationships I have made over the years serves me well in this role. I am still enthusiastic about the job and energetic enough to see it done well.

I have enjoyed the support of many people in the Far North for many years, and I don't take that for granted. I hope I have your support for another term as your Mayor.



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